Ask, And You Shall Receive

Yesterday, I put out a request on my Facebook page, looking for additional writing opportunities due to a downturn in our family finances.

Today, I just finished setting up my profile with Lifehack: a “productivity and lifestyle” website. In a single day, they reviewed my portfolio and invited me to start contributing. The job requires writing multiple articles every week. These articles will appear under my own byline and pay a heck of a lot more than the content mills.

The opportunity to do more lifestyle and health writing is exciting. The articles I wrote for WellnessNova earlier this year really challenged me as a writer. Surprisingly, my research actually led me into making some changes of my own around our household. The idea that I can discover some additional life improvements simply by performing research feels like a win/win for me.

The Misdirected blog has taken the lion’s share of my attention for several months now, but I’ve still been working on other projects. My Fiction Vortex project is moving along smoothly. We are still on target for the release of the “Welcome To Ash Falls” series of serialized novels in February. The three authors that I have selected are all excellent writers, and I am enjoying their work and their development of the world I created in Ash Falls. My own piece, “Inheritance”, has reached the 50% completion mark. I am just about ready to take the brakes off and plummet downhill to final copy. A couple of other potential fiction projects are bubbling in the back of my mind, motivating me to wrap this one up.

Putting your request out there into the Universe can have unexpected dividends. Stay tuned here for more news about my upcoming work with Lifehack!

– Jeremy

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