The Internet Has Spoken

A little history: As of August 10 of last year, after 3+ years of existence, Misdirected hit 10,000 total page views.

Last night, only 7 months later, we kicked over 15,000 page views.

We went over the tipping point, in part, due to a tidal wave of views that came in yesterday – a single post that brought in more page views and more feedback than any other thing I have written. This was not a gaming post, not a post about epilepsy, no insightful social commentary on my part. It was literally a few paragraphs on the subject of starting the journey towards bariatric surgery that drove more interest here than any other 3 previous posts combined.

So, what does this mean for me, and for the future development of Misdirected?

I had honestly not intended to shift the focus of this blog. My original plan was to provide occasional, brief updates on my progress pre- and post-surgery, sprinkled in amongst the “real” content of the blog. But there is more interest in this subject than in anything else I have written. So, the question now becomes: Am I writing this blog as a diary, or really trying to communicate with the world? (I find it ironically amusing that even the blog title could be taken in the context of weight-loss surgery)

I remain a gamer. I remain disabled due to epilepsy.┬áBut, I also remain a person struggling with obesity and with my decision to address this issue via surgical means. Accordingly, I will probably be spending more time talking about obesity and the surgical process than I had originally intended. I have been a long time advocate for those disabled with epilepsy – I think my advocacy has room to expand a bit.

One thing I do need from my readers – I have had a couple people express their disappointment that I will not be doing a weight-loss related video blog. Is this something that the rest of you are really interested in? Drop me a line or leave me a comment on Facebook to let me know.

And, don’t worry. I will still keep wiping out parties in XCom 2 and Darkest Dungeon and coming here to complain about it.


– Hawkwind