Fiction Friday: Last Call

The cover art for Inheritance

The day has just about arrived: by the next episode of “Fiction Friday”, I will be a published fiction author.

Next Tuesday, February 28, the first episode of “Inheritance” will be released on Fiction Vortex. Every Tuesday thereafter will host the release of another serialized novel in the Ash Falls universe: “Felix North”, then “The Perpetuals”, followed by “Reborn”, and capped off by “Fallen”. The cycle will then begin again with Episode #2 of “Inheritance.” At the end of 50 weeks (+/-), we will have released 5 complete novels by 5 different authors.

Still Room At The Bar

I have given up on trying to understand why a site like Misdirected, with several hundred readers a month, has only generated 14 entries into our giveaway. But this weekend will be the last chance to throw your name in the hat. Monday will be the drawing for $10 worth of Fiction Vortex credit. $10 works out to 10 Episodes – enough for an entire serialized novel, actually. Or enough to buy a new episode every week for 10 weeks in Ash Falls. That will get you through Episode #2 in all 5 of our storylines. However, we have several entries now, so someone is going to win it, which makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

If, however, you have zero interest in reading fiction, you could still do us a solid. Tell someone you know who is an avid reader about our release next Tuesday. I would love to get this thing off the ground with as much momentum as possible.

A Look Down The Road

So, given that we now know the publication schedule for “Inheritance”, what is coming up next?

I currently have two other projects up and running. “Deep Ember” is the title of my next fiction project. “Deep Ember”┬áis also a fantasy serialized novel at Fiction Vortex. It will be releasing in the “Of Metal and Magic” storyverse later this year. And, on the non-fiction side, “Learning to Live in the Dark” is next up. I begin work on moving from outline to chapter creation this weekend.

Plenty of wordsmithing to keep me busy over the next several months. All this on top of keeping Misdirected up and running, of course. I should not lack for things to do in 2017.

We’ll Announce A Winner On Monday,


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