(Fiction Friday:) Vampires Suck!

The Perpetuals Release

What happens if you are attacked by a vampire and it doesn’t finish the job?

Do you get yourself patched up and then attempt to go through life like any other trauma survivor?

Or, do you suddenly find yourself drawn to darker desires…without any way to fulfill these dark imaginings?

Welcome to life as a dhampir.

A Life of Perpetual Suffering

K. Edwin Fritz tackles this very subject in the latest Ash Falls series The Perpetuals. A fresh take on classic vampire mythology, The Perpetuals dwells on a community of “half-turned” humans. Losing grip on their humanity, but fighting to not take that final step into eternal darkness, these victims are attempting to preserve what remains of themselves as the desire for blood slowly overcomes them.

There are no sparkly vampire sex scenes here. No happy undead playing joyful baseball games in thunderstorms. Instead, there is a community increasingly aware that they are staring into the abyss of eternal torment.

Juicy stuff. You owe it yourself to go grab Episode One right now.

Five For The Price Of One!

Or, if patience is not your strong suit, you could just download all 5 Episode #1s at once. Like, get the introductory episodes of Fallen and Reborn before they are even officially released!

“How do I do this?” you ask?

Head over to NoiseTrade, where we are currently running a promotion for the Ash Falls Storyverse Sampler. Download a copy of all 5 first episodes in your preferred format and, if you are so inclined, leave a tip!

Because Starving Writers, you know.

Despite the fact that the NoiseTrade promo is in my name, any and all proceeds from tips are going to promotional costs and then being shared out between the five of the Ash Falls authors. So, tip early and tip often!

The NoiseTrade promo runs through this Sunday, thereafter you will actually have to head out to NoiseTrade and search for the sampler, rather than it being featured on the shiny front page.

And if you know someone with the slightest interest in reading, direct them out to NoiseTrade as well. They may start with our sampler, but there are tons of other books to be checked out there. Trust me, I know. I’ve already grabbed a few myself.

Next Week on Fiction Friday: Demonic Fire Spirits and You!

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