Happy Halloween!

The “How To Host A Murder” Party. A wretched collection of scum and villainy.

The day has arrived! The house is decorated, the creepy music soundtrack all queued up, and Stranger Things is ready to roll on the TV in the living room. Halloween is here!

Honestly, though this is by far and away Lor’s favorite holiday, it has not been one of my favorites for a very long time. Normally, I prefer to just stay at home, spend some time on Facebook, check out everyone else’s costumes as they attend their Halloween functions, and tell myself that I don’t really like these kinds of events anyway.
But, the real problem is that I have always hated how I look in costume. Lor loves playing dress-up and can carry any costume with style and panache. I always felt like an over-inflated balloon that someone had stuffed a costume on. Lor was forever getting after me to participate more fully with her, and last year I told her, if I lost a few pounds by next Halloween, I would participate.
A little bariatric surgery and 88 pounds later, it was time to pay up.
To my surprise, I had a really good time. While Lor put up our giant spider web on the side of the house, I designed our spider-infested front door. (Which has made many visitors very uncomfortable.) We carved pumpkins. We worked together to pick treats for our trick-or-treaters. (Toys and eyeball bubblegum, no candy this year.) Instead of letting Lor do all the work while I grumbled like the Halloween version of the Grinch, I threw myself into the holiday and found out I had been missing an awful lot of fun over the years.
As for our costumes – we were invited to a “How To Host A Murder” party last weekend, set in the 1940s. We got to dress up in period costume, which was awesome. And we looked really great, if I do say so myself:
You handsome devil, you. And Lor looks good too!
Who knew that Halloween was so much fun? Normally I would just sit on the couch with my hand in the candy basket – one for the kiddos, one for me. Not anymore! Now I am out there wearing suspenders and doing…stuff. Yeah, That’s me! I am officially converted to holiday participation.
Come Christmastime, No More Threats Of Santa Costumes For Me!
– Hawkwind

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