The Journey Continues: 6 More Important Posts From Misdirected

Several hundred views later, it is apparent that I should have created an “index” post long before this. I am glad that the 6 Starting Posts article was helpful for so many of you in providing easier access to some important content pertaining to the months before bariatric surgery.

But…what about surgery itself, or the first few months after surgery? Not to fear, I have you covered there as well. Here are some great starting points for articles pertaining to the time around and immediately after surgery:

The Psychology of Obesity

The days immediately preceding surgery are filled with mental activity. Mainly, we ask ourselves “Why the heck am I doing this?” This article breaks down my own personal thoughts on obesity, and surgery as the cure.

There’s Got To Be A Morning After

What surgery day looks like, as an observer.

The Lights Are On, But No One Is Home

The mental effects of switching to the all-liquid diet that bookends surgery. Also known as “brain fog”.

The Little Things

The days at home immediately following bariatric surgery.

A Game Of Inches

The second-most popular article on Misdirected, this post talks about one of the great, hidden side effects of bariatric surgery for male patients. Warning: those uncomfortable with human sexuality should probably just skip this one.

A Day In My Post-Surgery Diet

By far the most popular article on Misdirected, this post gathered over 500 views the first day it was posted. Seems there is quite a bit of interest in what a day’s diet looks like after Gastric Sleeve surgery.

Hopefully, you now have a great starting point of posts to introduce you to Misdirected, and to bariatric surgery. Welcome to Misdirected! We look forward to adding you to the family.



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