One For The Win

My 199-pound weigh-in

And, in other news, bariatric surgery works.

Breaking Through

I have finally broken the 200-pound barrier.

I went back to check my calendar, just to be sure. But (for once) my memory is correct. On February 1, 2016, I stepped on the scale here at home and almost had a heart attack thanks to seeing the number “302” staring up at me. That single moment led to my journey through bariatric surgery, and to my lowest weight since my early 20s.

I had to step on and off the scale yesterday a few times, just to be sure I wasn’t dreaming. Or, you know, reading things incorrectly, since I never wear my glasses at 5 AM.

I was so excited that I had to share it with someone. So I actually went into the bedroom to tell Lor. However, it was 5 freaking o’clock in the morning. So I whispered the news to her and let her sleep.

I then picked up Vixen from her sound sleep and hauled her into the living room, and told her about it for half an hour. Sometimes it is good to be the Alpha Dog.

Looking Down the Road

As the day progressed, the shine started to come off a bit. My two “impossible dream” goals have now both been reached. I weigh under 200 pounds, and I am in 38-inch waistline pants. I, quite frankly, had never thought about what might happen next.

Lor, bless her heart, has already been planning for the future. She is only 8 pounds or so away from her “surgical goal weight” – the weight your surgeon thinks you should reach. She now wants to start ramping up the gym work to start toning the musculature that is being revealed by her weight loss. What, she asked, would my new goal be?

I am somehow non-committal about reaching my surgical goal weight – 185 pounds. For one thing, my primary care physician and my neurologist both advised me that it would not happen. Both doctors felt that I could achieve a sub-200 pound weight, but not much beyond that. I think this double-whammy of medical advice early on probably removed the idea of weighing 185 from my personal radar.

But, like Lor, I can now shift to performance goals, rather than weight-based ones. I am still working through the Couch to 5K program, though slowly. Any time I feel “twinges” coming from my repaired knee I stop and go back to the previous week’s workout. This means that I am only in week 3 of the program despite having been on it for 5 weeks. But my original goal for 2017 was to participate in the 5K Run for the Zoo in May.

My newly updated goal is to be able to run it.

These are the types of lifestyle changes that come along with successful bariatric surgery. I traded in milkshakes and french fries and was given the opportunity to develop a physique that could run 3.1 miles.

A year ago, I could barely walk a quarter of a mile.

The Proof is in The Photos

I’ve had lots of requests for before/after pics. The sad truth is, I did not allow myself to be photographed much while I was obese. I think more pictures have been taken of me this past year than in my whole life previously. But my sister-in-law was able to produce a picture of me from May 2015, when I was still flirting with 300 pounds:

May 2015 Photo of Jeremy and Lor
The “Jolly Fat Man” look

Yeah, that’s a 2x shirt and 48-inch waistline pants struggling to hold me in. On the plus side, I did still have hair.

vs. yesterday:

Selfie on January 29 2017
The “Psycho Killer” look

Though I am obviously not a selfie artist, this is a Medium top and 38-inch waistline jeans.

Onward and downward!

103 Pounds Down, And 5K To Go!


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