Over The Edge

A frequent theme here on Misdirected is making sure that exercise becomes a daily part of life. Regain almost always happens to those who aren’t making a commitment to hitting the gym. (Or aerobics, or running, or walking. You get the idea.)

And, the biggest amount of push-back I get from my readers is about this very issue. “Jeremy,” people will tell me, “you don’t have a regular job and you don’t have kids. YOU have time to work out. But I don’t!”

Now, despite being disabled, I am busy as heck. Maybe a little too busy. The fact that I don’t have a “real” job constantly motivates me to push myself hard. And recently I have begun to think that I have too many balls in the air. On top of working out every day, I am writing every day. And studying for my Personal Trainer certification every day. And working on my editorial responsibilities for Fiction Vortex every day. But, surely I can handle it, right?

I thought so – until last week, that is.

The Shoe Is On The Other Foot

Last week all my scheduling chickens came home to roost at once.

As a result, I skipped three workouts, blew two deadlines, and flunked a quiz. Adding insult to injury, my sleep started to suffer and my seizure activity ramped up.

Clearly, changes need to be made.

So, where the heck am I going to find time in the midst of all these time-sucking activities?

I spent the weekend not communicating with anyone outside the house. No Fiction Vortex, no extended family members, no multi-player gaming. I needed to come up with a plan.

Schedule 2.0

So, what are my unavoidable responsibilities?

As I see it, I have two of them. Fiction Vortex has somehow turned into my employer, albeit an unpaid one currently. I have responsibilities to all the other authors on my team. Without my daily interaction, schedule management, and project planning, Ash Falls comes off the rails.

Without daily exercise, I will begin to slip back into old habits. Old habits lead (eventually) back to the 300+ pound version of myself. And the fact is, I just felt crummy last week for not working out. Clearly, the gym needs to be one of the daily lynchpins around which I build my routine.

So, Monday through Saturday, I need to be hitting the gym and staying plugged into my FV teams every single day.

OK, so where does that leave Misdirected? And my fiction writing? And my┬ápersonal training certification? I apparently can’t do it all every day without it all equally suffering.

The Budget Axe Falls

Any college course I have ever taken has required at least 2 days a week of my time – a couple hours in the classroom, and 3-4 hours of study two days a week, every week. I have a little under 4 months left before I have to take my certification exam. Accordingly, I need to get myself in gear. My memory being what it is, I am still not sure how I will ultimately do at exam time. But, if I fail, I want to fail having done my best. I don’t want to fail because I treated the exam as if it was not important.

My fiction writing has suddenly become a major time-sink. I am involved in not one but two different fiction projects. This means I am suddenly on the hook for 20,000 words of fiction a month. Even at my usual rate of 1,000 words per hour, that ties up 20 hours a month, every month.

Misdirected now has an audience of several hundred people. I produce blog posts, respond to emails, and answer questions related to bariatric surgery. I have no intention of letting all those folks down.

So, my weeks will now look like this:

Monday and Friday will be Misdirected content days. This cuts my current content schedule in half, but I will start putting out larger blog posts to account for that.

Tuesdays and Thursdays will now be dedicated to my ACE studies. Just like a regular college class schedule, instead of shoehorned in wherever I can fit it.

Wednesdays and Saturdays will be fiction writing days. All day long I will work on my current fiction projects for Fiction Vortex.

So, what will I do when August comes? When I am done writing Inheritance and have taken my certification exam?

I have no idea. Probably take a nap.

‘Cause I Am Not Sleeping Enough Right Now,



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