Lor and I on July 23, right before my surgery. I am at 248 here. She is at 188. She got a 6-week headstart. Cheater.

At the point in time when this is posted, I am getting prepped for surgery.

However, when I am writing this, I still have a few hours to go. I had been getting increasing frantic as the days went by. Lor finally had all she could handle on Saturday and decided to force me out of the house.

Here’s where we went:

This, my friends, is what we call “The Valley”. A little tiny town in the Northern part of New Mexico, sitting alongside the Rio Grande. It also happens to be where I grew up – as did 4 generations of my forebearers.

When I was younger, I was convinced my hometown was the ass-end of the Universe. The moment I had the chance, I got the heck out as quickly as I could. No small town life for me, nope. I was destined for bigger things – a bright and glorious life that could only be achieved in “The City”. And, over the years I have grown to love Albuquerque, and come to consider it home. I certainly have no regrets about moving here.

But…there is something about the place where your roots are. I am forever spiritually invested in the place that gave me birth and acted as my home until my twenties. The graves of my grandparents and great-grandparents are all within a few miles of The Valley. While spending just a few hours up North on Saturday, I could feel myself growing more centered – my anxiety sloughing off like a snake shedding its skin. Sure, I can do this, I was able to say to myself. Northern New Mexico produces self-reliance and toughness. It was a glorious reminder and yet another demonstration of Lor’s wisdom in hauling me up there and then stepping back and letting my ancestors do their work on me.

The end result? I am back to feeling great about the surgery and the changes that will result from it.  By the time you read this, I am probably already done with my surgery and watching the pretty lights in recovery, or possibly getting settled in the room that will be my home for the next two days.

Tomorrow I should be back behind the wheel of Misdirected and will let everyone know how it all went. Thanks for tuning in, and for all the support you have provided the two of us with over the past few months!

See You On The Other Side,

– Jeremy (aka Hawkwind)

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