The 6-Month Report Card

A few pieces of information from Lor’s 6-month review yesterday:


  • She is still losing weight consistently, just about 1 pound a week on average. Her LPN was very encouraging, telling her that her goal weight of 150 pounds was “totally realistic”, and that she expected Lor would have achieved it by her next visit – her one-year follow-up.
  • Triglycerides, cholesterol, and H1ac levels are all still coming down. While Lor is still considered “pre-diabetic”, we have every hope that by next June she will be just another non-diabetic person. What a major win!
  • Given her diet regimen and commitment to exercise, Lor has received “permission” to stop logging her meals! Just following the basic dietary guidelines is apparently enough now.
  • We were not even passed along for our usual meeting with our Nutritional Sensei, Patti. Apparently, Lor is no longer needing regular nutritional counseling.

What a change 6 months (and a bariatric surgical procedure) can make! Lor has been overwhelmingly successful, and it is an awesome example to all of the rest of us bariatric patients who have followed her. Since I get to see her every day, I sometimes forget just how dramatic the changes have been. But, to remind everyone, here is what the “before” pic looked like, back in April:


And here is “after”, from last week:


A little different, no?

I can hardly wait to see what changes another 6 months brings! We’ve discussed everything from the Run For The Zoo to maybe trying to tackle La Luz Trail later in the summer. All I know is, it feels good to be able to talk about these things realistically, not wistfully and wishfully (is that even a word?) 6 months down, and a whole lifetime to go!

Hoping My 6-Month Review Goes Half As Well,

– Hawkwind

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