The 90-day Post-Surgery Review

Technically, it is more like a 93-day review, since I managed to miss my 90-day follow-up appointment back on Tuesday. I blame Google Calendar. At least ABQ Health Partners were quite gracious about getting me rescheduled for today.
So, what kind of results can I expect from my 90-day follow-up?
Well, my blood pressure is still normal. I am 20 pounds down from my last visit back in August and 32 pounds down total since surgery, checking in at 216 this morning. (I always check at home before visits to the doctor, since their scale will inevitably weigh me in at 5 – 10 pounds heavier than my home one.) My diet is still greater than 60 grams of protein and less than 60 grams of carbs a day.
In all, I think it is going to be a short visit.
Quite honestly, it is tough to believe that it has only been 3 months since my surgery. It feels so long ago and far away, almost like it happened to someone else. I have more vivid recollections of last Christmas than I do of the whole surgical process and hospital stay.
But, every day when I look at the amount of food I am taking in for any given meal, I am reminded – yup, that really did happen. 80% of my stomach got lopped off. No matter what happens from here, I am never going to be the same person that I was.
Sorry for the short post today, nothing is really on my mind except the upcoming visit. I may edit this evening to let everyone know if anything weird comes up during my visit to the doctor’s office. Enjoy your Halloween weekend!
Must Remember To Wear Lightweight Clothing Today,

– Hawkwind

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