The Choices of the Unwise

Yesterday I made some poor choices.

And no, not the ones you are thinking I made. I did not stop off at Ronnie McDoncald’s house then swing by the grocery store on the way home to buy a chocolate cream pie. No, instead, I sort of forgot to eat.

The evidence is right in front of me, in the MyFitnessPal app set up on my phone. (An aside – if you are trying to lose weight, embrace MyFitnessPal. Not a kickback in it for me or anything – it is just that good.) Yesterday’s breakfast is listed (Decaf, English Muffin with carefully controlled amounts of Peanut Butter and Jam, with a side of trail mix), but then, for the rest of the day…nothing.  Factor in the exercise I did last night and I netted a whopping 469 Calories for the day. Not good.

I can also guarantee that I didn’t have enough water – I remember filling my 20 oz. water bottle one time. Tack that on to my 14 ounces of decaf (I have a BIG coffee cup), and I am almost 30 ounces short of my minimum intake for the day.

Far from being a “diet victory” (Yay! Under 500 calories!), this was a loss of massive proportions. For one thing, today I feel like crap. My head is pounding, my stomach is upset, and I could not force myself out of bed this morning. Hangover, anyone? I didn’t even get to catch a buzz at the front end in order to earn the day after.

But, the real problem is that post-surgery, this kind of behavior will get me hospitalized. Both dehydration and malnutrition are major issues for those that have gone through any kind of bariatric surgery. Pulling this kind of stunt after my sleeve is installed will be every bit as bad as binge eating, and more dangerous in the short term.

So, what happened?

To be honest, I am not sure. I diligently prepped all 6 meals and snacks for Lor yesterday, so it isn’t like I was never in the kitchen. Since her liquid phase started, I have not been eating my “real food” at the same time she does, or in her presence, out of respect for her pre-surgical process. But yesterday, somehow, I just never got hungry, and never remembered to eat after I had created (blended) meals for Lor. Despite a busy day,  I had plenty of time. I just never got around to it somehow.

And getting kickstarted this morning will be even more difficult! Ever tried to eat with a hangover? If you haven’t, good for you – but the rest of you know what I am talking about. It isn’t like I can have a Bloody Mary with an egg in it. I can’t even have fruit juice. Instead, I am going to have to re-hydrate until I can eat something, then wait for my day to normalize. Joy.

The lesson we should all carry away from this? If you are dieting, especially if you are pre- or post- surgery, DON’T SKIP MEALS. It creates bad habits, and you won’t like the short-term effects either. You have been warned.

Wishing I Could Put My Head On a Shelf Until The Feeling Goes Away,

– Hawkwind

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