The Fear of Tofu Casserole

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As we get ever closer to the holiday season, the phone calls are starting to come in. Well-meaning family members, working on their holiday meal planning, dial us up, wanting to know what exactly we can eat.
Them: “Do you need anything special?”
Us: “Any high-protein items are usually fine, so are fresh veggies.”
Them: What kind of protein? Anything special?”
Us: “Oh, you know – turkey, ham, beef are all fine.”
Them: “And what kind of veggies?”
Us: “Anything not white is probably safe.”
This is followed by a short pause as they digest (Ha!) this information. I can actually hear the disappointment in their voices when they say “Oh – so the same things we make every year?”
I just know my family was hoping to prepare quinoa cakes and tofu surprise in order to show their support.
Now, I am just teasing here – Lor and I are extremely lucky that both sides of the family are so supportive of our surgeries that they care enough to ask – many bariatric patients do not enjoy this kind of help from their families. But, the fact of the matter is, bariatric surgery does not prevent you from eating most things (carbonated beverages aside.) It just forces you to eat really small amounts.
At the end of the day, it will be Lor and I who have to monitor and control our intake over the food-filled holiday season. The rest of the time as well, of course, but the holidays will be tricky, just like any event where there is a whole lot of calorie-rich and nutrient-poor food waiting to be sampled. We’ve been getting in some practice with all the social gatherings we’ve been attending recently, so I am thinking the holidays shouldn’t be too bad.
I am already planning on falling off the wagon in a few spots, admittedly. I will not go through the holidays without at least one tamale, for example – I do not care that they are 90% corn meal. If a pecan pie puts in an appearance, I will likely have to have a (very) small piece. Same for the infamous Chile Relleno Wontons at the Superbowl party – I will have one, and that will have to do. The watchwords will be Sensible Eating.
As much as I love holiday food, I love the idea of being down 100 pounds by January 1, 2017, even more.
So, let’s skip the Tofu Casserole, and let me at those Green Chile Chicken Enchiladas instead!
Err…in moderation, of course.
Because A Life Without Tamales Is Not Worth Living,
– Hawkwind

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