The Retreat to the Blogosphere

The last time we talked, I was getting ready to find out if my doctors were going to approve me to move forward with bariatric surgery. Since then I have been through medical appointments, flat tires, financial crises brought on by my insurance carrier raising my co-payments without telling me, and a twelve hour road trip. So, like, a fairly normal weekend in the Hawkwind Habitat. (Still not sure about that name. Kinda sounds like a children’s show about eco-issues. )

So – weight loss surgery. I have been approved by both my neurologist and my surgeon to move forward with a “sleeve” procedure. This requires several more doctor visits, a psychiatric eval, and 3 months of dietary counseling before the actual surgery takes place, probably in early August. I am simultaneously relieved that I was approved and terrified of what is going to happen to me now. Being informed that one of the stipulations was No More Beer, like, forever was kinda depressing, so I am enjoying a higher number than usual now, and will probably have my Final Beer Ever¬†event on my birthday in June.

The good news is that my surgeon thinks that I should lose upwards of 100 pounds as a result of the surgery. That is still a mind blowing number to me. The last time I weighed 200 pounds I could not drink legally, the Berlin Wall was still standing, and Bill Clinton was still the president of the USA. Let that sink in for a minute. It has been a looong time. I have only the vaguest idea of what life will be like without all the attendant crap that comes along with obesity. I just wanted to cut back on my medications, and for my knees to stop hurting so much. Not sure what I will do with myself if I am at a “normal” BMI again.

In gaming news, I have actually gotten in a couple of rounds of XCom 2 and Darkest Dungeon since last we spoke. I have managed to get my DD team to the threshold of meeting the Necromancer Apprentice, and I managed to get my XCom squad totally wiped out. Again. It is becoming a theme. However, my research across the Internet for info about these two games has led me to a couple of very interesting streamers. ChristopherOdd is currently running an awesome “Let’s Play” of XCom 2 that I highly recommend to anyone interested in the game. And my new favorite Brit, Adam, over at CallofCthulu is running daily alternating streams of XCom 2, Darkest Dungeon, and Sunless Sea, 3 of my favorite games. I highly recommend his channel, but be aware that the theme is very dark, and the language is very adult. You have been warned. If you drop in, tell him Hawkwind said hello.

I will get up both an XCom and a DD video on YouTube this week. I would like to be putting things up more than just once a week, but that is about all I can manage with all the chaos going on in my life right now. I will also keep everyone posted on the progress of the bariatric surgery journey – I had considered doing a little video blog, but can’t think of anything I could do there that I couldn’t do here on Misdirected. Thanks to everyone for all the support so far!

Wishing Myself Resistance To Beer + 10,

– Hawkwind

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