The Summer That Wasn’t

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It is the last week of April – usually time to think about things like Mother’s Day, the Diamondbacks’ position in the NL West (3rd place, at 11-12), and our plans for the summer. This year, our normal plans for summer activities have been thrown totally into chaos and madness by the relentless approach of our Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy surgical dates, and all the minutiae that accompany them.

Our semi-annual trip to watch the Rockies play the D-Backs in Denver? Probably not going to happen. Camping trips? Find me a week on my calendar that isn’t filled with support group meetings, appointments with the nutritionist or other pre-surgical items, and then we’ll talk about heading into the Great Outdoors. Double down on all these dates to represent Lor’s surgical timeline, and watch the days and weeks of the calendar fill up. The weeks leading up to surgery are filled with pre-surgical items galore, and the weeks following it will be filled with recovery, liquid diets and restrictions on how much a person can lift. Overall, not a prescription for a fun-filled summer.

It certainly isn’t all bad. To celebrate all the usual parties and get-togethers we would normally have with my family over the summer (Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, 4th of July, my birthday), we are instead having one “catch-all” holiday over Memorial Day weekend. We will fill it with small portions of foods we will no longer be able to eat, alcohol we will be restricted from for the rest of the year (and my last beers EVER), and everyone’s last interaction with Lor and I before our surgeries. Call it my family “Before Picture”. By the last day of summer, Lor and I will both be out of surgical recovery, probably back on normal foods, and heading into our new lives together. And the holiday season this year should be pretty cool as well.

And next summer? Next summer will be awesome. All the activities I have held us back from for so long because of my size will now be open to us. We can participate in the Albuquerque 5K Run For The Zoo. We will head to South Dakota to visit our friends there┬ásince I should no longer be miserable during long car rides. When we go camping, we will actually be able to get out into the woods and hike instead of sitting around the campfire. Heck, we might even get on a plane and fly somewhere, since I should no longer be dealing with the problem of taking up 1.5 seats on an airplane. We might even go to Phoenix, to watch some games there – something I currently avoid like the plague because there is nothing more miserable than an obese person in Phoenix during┬ábaseball season. Trust me on this one.

All this long term future gained, for the sacrifice of a few months this year. I may not happy about the sacrifice of summer right now, but I would bet dollars to donuts that I will have a very different opinion about things come Summer 2017.

Still Undecided About My Last Beer Ever,

– Hawkwind

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