Trail Breaking


Later on this morning, we will head over to visit the folks at ABQ Health Partners Bariatrics for Lor’s 6-month post surgery follow-up.

6 months.


It does not feel like 6 months ago that we sat nervously in the waiting room, watching the clock as the minutes ticked down to 7:30 AM. The folks from ABQ Bariatrics are nothing if not efficient. By 7:30 we were already in pre-op, getting consultations from an endless series of medical professionals, including Dr. Sanchez. A few minutes later, she was gone, rolled off into surgery to start her new life.

It all happened so fast.

Today her nightly insulin injections are a thing of the past. She is down 91 pounds and still dropping. Where she used to worry about how inactive we were, she is now concerned that 30 minutes of cardio a day is not enough. She has changed the clothes she wears, changed her hairstyle, changed her life.

I could not be prouder of her.

Though we say we went through this together, in truth Lor was 6 weeks ahead of me the whole way. She was our trailblazer, the pioneer who discovered what was waiting on the far side of each hill and mountain. She was the one who learned the hard way about hydration and nutrition post-surgery. She was the person who tried so hard to get active again after surgery that she injured herself and had to return to bed for several days. She was the one who explained to me about how it felt having doubts about the results of the procedure after it was all said and done.

It has been commented on, by Lor and others, that my surgical experience seemed like smooth sailing compared to Lor’s. Well, of course it was. I got to watch first-hand everything to expect in a few weeks. The dark corners that she had to peer into were fully lit and empty by the time I showed up. Every trail had been blazed, every trap in the path ahead had already been sprung and safely pushed aside. If I was successful, it is because Lor showed me how to succeed.

In truth, we don’t expect a whole lot of earth-shattering news from today’s visit. Maybe some new info on her A1C levels, maybe some additional tweaks to her diet. But, for the most part, the heavy lifting has already been done.

Thanks for breaking trail, babe. It takes courage to go first.

Though I Do Wish The Appointment Wasn’t So Early,

– Hawkwind

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