What A fANTabulous Day We Are Having

Las Cruces, NM. Green chili. Old adobe buildings. Scorching heat. (101 degrees today.)

Oh, and an entomologist’s paradise as well.

Last night we hopped into Maggie and discovered our breakfast bar/counter space was covered in ants. Little tiny black ones, merrily anting away, getting into every single drawer, cabinet, and open container of food. (Including some that were supposedly airtight, mind you.)

3 exhausting hours later, we had beaten back the invasion. We had sprayed every outdoor surface with Ant Murder Aerosol. We had washed every dish. We had thrown away two trash bags worth of ruined groceries.

And still this morning, every time an errant breeze wafts over my skin, I slap myself, positive the 6 legged invaders have returned to exact vengeance upon me for their slaughtered kinsfolk.

The management at the RV park has been…less than helpful. When I reported the problem this morning the woman (older, bespectacled, disinterested) behind the counter shrugged and said “It’s that time of year.”

Umm, ok, fine, but what are you going to do about it?

This triggered a series of inquisitorial questions aimed at ME, mind you. Did I spray my tires?

Well, no.

Did I spray my water hose?

Again, no, because –

I didn’t leave food out in the cabinets, did I?

Well, yes, because that’s where dry food GOES, in my pre-ant existence.

Again with the shrug. They would send someone to put out granules. Which might kill my dog. FYI.

I departed seething. How the flip was I supposed to know about spraying down every part of Maggie that was in contact with the ground with ant spray beforehand? Certainly, no one mentioned this to me when I checked in.

At our site, I met a maintenance guy who told a very different story.

We’ve never seen an infestation like this before, he reported. He’d already been to three campsites this morning, dealing with multi-legged, antenna-waving invaders.

I pointed out the origination point near our campsite, a tree about five feet away. He thanked me profusely for tracking down the colony. Apparently, most RVers don’t bother to figure out where they are coming from.

I had performed this investigation as I was following and carpet bombing the little bastards last night, but maybe others don’t take this quite as personally as I do.

Given his attention to detail and promise to come right back if we should have a recurrence, I didn’t begin packing us up and moving on down the road. But I am still pretty pissed with the front desk staff that could not give two shits about my problem and attempted to shift the blame to me for not taking precautions they never bothered mentioning in the first place.

Life on the road. What’s not to love?

I cANT Even,