Bucket List

Artwork for Run For The Zoo, 2017.

I completed my early life bucket list by crossing the finish line at the Run For The Zoo 5K back in 2017. After that, my only real goal was to make it to my 50th birthday, proving all my original medical providers wrong about my ability to survive adult-onset Epilepsy long-term. As of June 22, 2020, that mission was accomplished. After spending several months without any new goals or motivations, I determined that it was time to set some new life goals. I spent a few weeks brainstorming, and these are what I have come up with. I put them out here in full view so just about any interested party can call me out on my lack of progress. As they get completed I will knock them off the list, along with the date they were achieved.

Places I Need to Visit:

1. Ash Falls (Rosedale, OR)

2. Chaco Canyon, NM

3. Gettysburg, PA

4. Space Needle, Seattle, WA

Image by Simi Luft from Pixabay

5. See the Redwoods in CA (January 11, 2021, Henry Cowell Redwoods Park)

6. Key West, FL

7. Mardi Gras, New Orleans, LA

8. Austin, TX

9. Nashville, TN

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

10. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ( Cleveland, OH)

11. Bourbon Trail, KY


12. Costa Rica

13. New Zealand

14. Machu Picchu

15. England

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

16. Greece

17. Rome

18. Mediterranean Coastal Spain

Things I Want to do Personally:

19. Complete a 10 k

20. Complete a half marathon

21. Complete a marathon

22. Hike La Luz Trail

23. Record an album

Inheritance, Book #1 in the Brian Drake Series

24. Complete the Brian Drake Trilogy

25. Complete Deep Ember

26. Renew Passport (See Above)

Image by rwelborn from Pixabay

27. Visit All 30 MLB stadiums

28. See an NBA game

29. Put $10,000 in Savings

30. Earn $100,000

31. Become debt-free

32. Buy a new Bronco

Image by Patrim from Pixabay

33. Buy a Fender Telecaster

34. Speak at a panel at a Writer’s Con

35. Go deep-sea fishing

36. Get my Ash Falls Tattoo

37. Drive a motorcycle

Professional Development:

38. Write every day for 1 year

Day 10 of 365

39. Take a photo a day for 1 year

40. 100/500/1000 Followers on Twitter/Pinterest

41. Complete Our Little Secret

42. Complete Learning To Live In The Dark

43. Sell 1,000 total books (across all titles)

44. Earn $500 in a single month writing

45. Earn $100/month in affiliate income

46. Launch RV website Nomad-Road.com

47. Get 100 subscribers to Nomad-Road.com

48. Start a podcast

49. Launch Publishing Company

50. Republish the Ash Falls catalog