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I am a fiction author, currently published by Fiction Vortex. Fiction Vortex is a pioneer in episodic fiction. Each author releases a chapter or Episode roughly once a month, with a different author’s “episode” within the Storyverse being released every week. My current project, the Ash Falls Storyverse, is a dark urban paranormal setting shared with several other authors. There are currently two Ash Falls products available:

Ash Falls Sampler Vol I

The Ash Falls Sampler Includes the first episode of all four of our Season One storylines, as well as three other pieces of short fiction. Episode One of “Inheritance” is here, as is my short fiction piece “Walk in the Shadows.” This is the place to start if you want an introduction to all of our current storylines within Ash Falls.

Inheritance Book Cover

Inheritance is my first full-length novel, following the trials and tribulations of Brian Drake, an Ash Falls Private Investigator/Bounty Hunter who has found himself working for the creatures of darkness.

Both books are available through the Fiction Vortex store at Aerbooks. Lots of other Fiction Vortex titles are available as well!

I also have a limited number of copies of both books that I can personally ship with signatures and dedications for $15.00 + shipping. Drop me a line here at to place a “personalized” order. I accept PayPal and Credit Card/Debit Cards via Square.

All Fiction Vortex products will also be available soon via the Fictionite app on your Android device or iPhone/iPad.

We’ll keep you posted as more fiction is produced!

  • Jeremy